Friday, August 20, 2010

Almost Time to Vote! DC SLA Board of Directors and SLA's Board of Directors Elections are around the corner!

By James King

The SLA voting season is upon us but, sadly, less than one in five members (on average) will take the time to vote this year. That minority of voters determines who runs our association and our chapter, which affects who plans our programs, manages our budget, sets the future direction for the chapter and association, and basically ensures that we get value out of our SLA membership. Make the difference this year and VOTE!!

The 2011 DC/SLA Board of Directors election runs from Sept. 13 until midnight on Oct. 1. We have a stellar slate of members running for the board this year! Information about each candidate for the DC/SLA Board is available here.

All of the credit for this great slate of candidates goes to our Nominating Committee, led by Diane Schnurrpusch and includes Greta Ober-Beauchesne, Lynne McCay, and Rosa Liu. Beth Kirton-Crane is our Election Committee chair and is already preparing the online ballot. If you have any questions about the election or would like to receive a paper ballot, please contact Beth at bkirtoncrane <@> yahoo com or 703-749-1199.

On a separate ballot, SLA’s international 2011 Board of Directors election runs from Sept. 8 – 29. Given the tough decisions facing the association in the coming years (as described at the closing general session), the leaders being elected NOW will play a crucial role in deciding what direction is taken regarding benefits, services, and programs that our association offers. Our chapter is once again represented in the SLA slate of candidates so please, before voting, please take the time to review information about each of these candidates:
We have also planned a special networking time at SLA HQ to meet with the two SLA Presidential candidates on Aug. 31st - find out more about this free event here.

Who we choose as our leaders has a big impact on the future of our Association and Chapter so please take the time to vote in September!

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  1. Thanks for writing this article. Well done. I will keep this for the vote in Sept.