Tuesday, February 23, 2010

From the Desk of the Chapter Notes Editor-in-Chief: Chris Vestal

Hi everyone,
I'm really excited to say that the January/February issue of Chapter Notes is available at:

There's a lot of photos so download time might not be very fast but we have some really good material that I hope everyone will enjoy. You'll see that we've made a number of changes based off the results of the Chapter Notes Membership Survey.

Here's a sneak preview at this issue:
  • Take a look at the chapter's strategic plan in "President's Corner"
  • Hear about upcoming events and professional development opportunities
  • See how the "Snowapolapse" left its mark on the area
  • Find out how many records we broke in 2009
  • Learn about how volunteering can enhance your career in "Taking the Reins"
  • See how you can share your stories about positioning yourself for the future in "The Way Forward"
  • Hear the inside scoop from the Leadership Summit
  • Get to know SLA President and DC/SLA chapter member, Ann Caputo
  • See how special libraries are changing lives in Africa
  • Read about living in multiple worlds
  • Examine highlights from the Chapter Notes Membership Survey
  • Find out why Molly Raphael, candidate for ALA president, refers to herself as a "backdoor librarian"

The survey may be over but we're still accepting feedback, so please feel free to send your suggestions/comments/questions to me :)



Chapter Notes Editor-in-Chief

Christopher M. Vestal, Patent Researcher

ASRC MS, USPTO Contractor

Phone: (540) 227-0718


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