Friday, February 26, 2010

Last Night, The Army Art Program - Wow!

The Military Libraries Group of DC/SLA met in the Franklin Court facilities of the Center of Military History Art Collection last night and were astounded at the depth and breath of the Army Art Collection that spans the history of the United States plus other “pocket Collection” such as the Life Magazine Collection of WW II Art, and other collections from the Mexican War to the humanitarian activities in Haiti. Army Art Curator, Renee Klish and her Assistant, Sarah provided a fabulous tour of the Collection. Renee pointed out that the collection contains works by many of the outstanding artists of the mid-20th Century. Interesting poster art proved an unusual side-light…..we saw the original art, often very large size, of familiar poster art. The collection is still growing, from purchases of art from E-Bay to works by the Collections’ Artist-in-residence, to donations, and “finds” from various office collections. Absolutely fascinating!

The Army Art Collection will be moved to Ft Belvoir, Virginia this summer to be part of the Army Museum now under construction. If we think library collections are difficult to move, consider fine art crates for individual pieces! Currently, some works from the Army Art Collection are on display at the Holocaust Museum. We are already thinking of a tour of the new Ft Belvoir facility in late spring, 2011! Watch for the announcement!

Sharon Lenius, MLG Committee Member

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