Saturday, May 1, 2010

SLA Conference in New Orleans: Tips for Eating, Birding, and More!

New Orleans Here We Come!

To help us out once we get there, James Manasco and Alison Raab Labonte put together the these sites on eating in New Orleans (an NO major attraction) and bird watching.

New Orleans food:
New Orleans gluten-free/friendly restaurants:
New Orleans vegan- and vegetarian-friendly restaurants:
Birding in New Orleans:
New Orleans Blogs:
New Orleans Yelp page:
Any one else have some tips for those of us bound for New Orleans for the SLA Annual Conference? Please leave a comment if you do!

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  1. It's hot in New Orleans. Your shirt sticks to your spine just minutes after walking out the hotel door. Movements are slow, as if under water. You need relief. It's available in the form of coconut basil sorbet, at Sucre ( on Magazine street. One bite, and the fog lifts. Maybe enough to get you thinking about real food. If so, try a pressed muffuletta at The Grocery ( Different from Central Grocery's classic version, but delish as well, in a great old New Orleans neighborhood.