Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Diverse Universe – Working in the BNA Library

By Marilyn Bromley
In February, Larry Lempert, one of my BNA colleagues, wrote a Diverse Universe blog post on how he became Director of Product Research and Planning after years in the editorial side of the company, during which he earned an MLS from the University of Maryland.  Giselle Caruso, another MLSer here at BNA, participated with Larry in last year’s DC/SLA “Cinco de Mayo” session on alternative careers for MLS graduates; Giselle is a senior project manager in our business systems group.  BNA also has MLS grads serving as indexers, senior-level trainers and legal market sales professionals.  
So BNA’s a pretty diverse place for LIS professionals, right?  Yup, and even in the Library.   With a professional staff of 6 librarians, there is a lot of non-traditional work going on.
To begin with, the Library is responsible for the company intranet, thanks to our late colleague Rhonda Oziel, who got interested in HTML in the mid-1990s, developed some webpages, and before IT knew what was happening, created the BNA intranet.  Laura Gordon-Murnane is our current intranet webmaster.  Catherine Kitchell, reference librarian and treasurer of the News Division, manages the process of updating and publishing the annual BNA Court Directory, a BNA Books bestseller.  Four of us, including librarians Lan Choi and Clare Bailey, handle over 500 permission requests a year, with an industry-leading turnaround time of 24 hours.  Our competitive intelligence service is delivered to over 100 top BNA executives and movers and shakers every day.  I work closely with our general counsel on copyright matters, an important issue for every publisher.  Cataloger Matthew Newton applies for ISSNs for all our products, and assigns ISBNs to our monographs.  He also prepares “official” MARC records of our publications for our law school customers.  As in-house consultants in the product development process, the Library staff is involved in creating high quality value-added products for BNA customers and especially for you, our colleagues.  We take great pride in seeing that everything BNA produces not only delivers the best information, insights and analysis, but makes your job easier.  And that’s a win-win proposition for everyone!
Marilyn Bromley is Library Director at BNA and a 2011 candidate for the SLA Board of Directors

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