Thursday, April 28, 2011

More QR Code Information

By Jill Hurst-Wahl

I’ve been playing around with generating a new QR code for the conference, which has lead me to try too many QR code generators.  This one, which was in someone’s top ten list of QR code generators, worked very well:

Every QR code I created was scanned differently in the QR code readers I have on my iPhone (Qrafter, i-nigma, 2D Sense, ScanLife and QR app).  The vcard should load correctly into “Contacts”, but some didn’t see all of the fields or wouldn’t create the contact record.  However Qrafter read the vcard correctly. 

The bottom line… (1) if you are creating a QR code with your contact info in it (vcard or mecard), please test it on several QR code readers, so you’ll know how others might see it.  (2) Have a couple QR code readers handy, because each may read a vcard or mecard differently.

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