Saturday, April 9, 2011

Get Your QR Codes On - at the SLA Conference

By Mary Talley and Marilyn Bromley

The first time I heard about QR codes was during a casual conversation with a colleague in mid-March. The second time was just a few days ago in a post to the SLA Leadership list from Marilyn Bromley, BNA (and a DC/SLA member). Now I'm seeing QR codes everywhere. Today, when I stopped at my favorite kabob shop for lunch, the little ceramic store next door had a big QR code in their window. Read on to find out more about these funny-looking squares of squiggles  - and how you might use them at the SLA Conference. Marilyn's suggestions are so good, we're thinking of incorporating them into the Mid-Atlantic Reception, our New Members event and more: 

Dear SLAers,
I've created a QR (quick response) code for myself, listing
my name, library, company, email and Twitter account, and
plan to print it out on a label and attach it to my SLA
conference badge.
Wouldn't it be great if all of us did that, so cool !  Then
we could run around with our smartphones and "zero in" on
each other, capturing our contact info in an easy fun
I hope you will be in Philly and be part of the SLA QR buzz!
here are some free QR code generators - I used the first one
here's how WVA University is using them in the library 

Thanks to Marilyn Bromley for giving us permission to reprint her post.

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