Thursday, April 21, 2011

SLA Announces "Need to Know Forum" at Annual Conference

The Need To Know Forum will be an opportunity for information professionals to
network with and educate managers from various organizations. The forum will consist
of a series of lunch sessions organized by topic of interest—e.g. biomedical and life
sciences or legal, plus the opportunity to attend up to two sessions on aspects of being
Future Ready,. The primary goal of the forum is to arm with what they “need to know”—
knowledge of the value that information professionals can bring to their organization. We
all know the value that an info pro brings; let’s make sure the public does too.
1. Connect managers with information professionals at SLA 2011
2. Provide direct exposure of information professionals’ value to a targeted audience
of decision-makers
3. Educate decision-makers by introducing them to the day-to-day work of many of
our members and potential members
4. Generate buzz for the profession itself
5. Take steps toward making the information profession mean more to external
audiences (public-facing)
1. Managers, researchers, and HR leaders from all Philly area organizations
2. Professionals who might not have seen themselves as “info pros”
3. Anyone (everyone) who would benefit from having a skilled librarian, research or
strategic knowledge manager on their staff

1. Alert SLA Communications and Marketing Manager John Walsh to any publicity
opportunities in the Philadelphia area
a. local newspapers, business/entrepreneur publications specific to the area,
any local websites concerning business trends
2. Encourage unit members to ask their supervisor if they’re interested in attending,
and relay any other useful area contacts to
3. Generate as much word-of-mouth publicity in the area as possible!—amongst
businesses, employers, and info pros alike (regardless of membership status)

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